Sunday, 11 December 2011

Advent: Dec 9th

I felt that in this cold climate that a haircut is due, mainly shaving my head. Which i did on the way to work and also dropped off a film to be developed from my night excursion to take some night shots with my DSLR and my TLR cameras. I have to say a shaved head is fucking cold :(

The day at work was pretty standard, people went round a circuit. Had some nice people in for their work Christmas party, a couple were very nice ;) But one hurt her back when a couple of people crashed into her. Luckily not too bad. All day i had been wrestling with the idea of going to see DJ Yoda at Sub89 for his AV set. I haven't seen DJ Yoda since he played Po Na Na years and years ago, which for all i can remember was very good, and how could it not be? By the time i came around to making a decision my mate couldn't come and i really didn't fancy trying to get a ticket on the door etc so i called it quits. Popped into Tesco on the way home for a lottery ticket, bottle of wine and two bottles of beer to replace the ones i drank from my dads. Its amazing how much i can fit into the little pouch on my bag, think its 5 cans of beer usually but now a bottle of wine + 2 of those really big bottles of San Miguel. 

The night was spent drinking said bottle of wine and watching films/whatever was on that night.

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