Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Advent: Dec 6th

Today i started work a little earlier as i thought their were some events, there wasn't but a guy walked in and wanted to drive so that was a good start. Pretty much my day was listening to music and painting the toilets, was quite nice and therapeutic and that was it. We had a few people come in in the afternoon and i was out by 8pm. Stopped off at my friends to grab my camera, had a smoke and a catch up. Watched some community and Never Mind the Buzzcocks with Cilla Black hosting. Was pretty fucking funny and i do love angelos epithemiou, he was great on Shooting Stars and below is my favourite joke from it

It is at 3:03 or press number 5 on the time line. Just makes me laugh every time and i love the reactions he gets.

Not sure on his stand up but i will have a look. The rest of the night followed suite, watched Never Mind the Buzzcocks on YouTube. Which makes writing blog posts ever more harder since its so distracting. I do miss Simon Amstell and Mark Lamaar from NMTB, Bill Bailey too. Oh the good old days eh?

Tomorrow is a day off, Christmas shopping and haircut. Yeah exciting life i lead eh?

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