Sunday, 4 December 2011

Advent: Dec 2nd

Today was spent like pretty much most days, lounging around. Watched Waynes World on TV. We had work drinks in the evening however i was supposed to go to work at half five and as no one was booked in, meant leaving at around 6pm. Luckily my manager phoned to tell me it got cancelled so i didn't have to go in. Which was good as if i had i wouldn't have been home till late, then back out for drinks.
Got to Cape around 8pm but they have some pissy policy that after 8pm you aren't allowed in with trainers, one of my colleagues had black trainers so no way i was getting in with white trainers. Instead a couple of us went to the Hope Tap for a couple before meeting up with the rest of work at Oakford. Was good, ha vent been in there for ages, good music and just sat around drinking and talking. It's odd that it took 5months for us all to go for a drink, hopefully wont take that long next time.
Cycled home and was in by half 1, all in all a nice night out, relatively cheap too.

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