Thursday, 25 February 2010

New Music Wednesday

So being that it's Wednesday and the Oakford in Reading hosts BBC Introducing each week I decided to go with my friend Jemma to watch some live bands. And tonight was especially exciting as the gorgeous Eliza Doolittle was in attendance.

I first saw her video for the new single 'Skinny Genes' the other day and thought it was quite catchy. Then I heard it on Radio 2 late at night and thought "yeah I really like this" and now after seeing her live and playing the other songs, I can see her becoming really big when the summer hits. Her songs instill that warm summer glow in you, even if your in Reading on a bit of a crappy night.

I can't remember the track names so forgive me but I enjoyed them all and thoroughly recommend a listen, a purchase or a trip to a venue to see her. Lets hope I get to buy it on vinyl soon.

And sorry to the band before Eliza, I didn't catch the name. And after the atmospheric start and Radiohead style opener I started to like their songs. Part Madonna, part Pet Shop boys with a little Depeche Mode and Placebo thrown in. Good sound, and think it would sound better either on a CD or at a festival.

I'm beginning to like this scheduled live music. I'm just sad that after an outing in London on Saturday I missed Tom Williams and the boat

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Best Wednesday Ever

Firstly this gem of a camera came this morning while at work. A Fuji Instax Mini 7, which takes and produces credit card sized instant pictures. It has different settings for indoors or outdoors etc and takes 10 pictures at a time.

Secondly. I receied this too.

This my friends is two pairs of Sega Lock-On laser tag games. Now this was a game I remember playing in the streets as a kid. Running about shooting each other, ducking inbetween parked cars for cover etc.
You can choose to be on Team A or B, so teams are endless essentially, and you each have a gun and headset. There are sensors on both which is where you can get shot.
You also have a drop down LCD type display which ticks down your lives so you can keep track.
On the gun you get a Super Shot style button whih when pressed fires three consecutive shots (or one big shot that knocks more lives off) can't remember which

All in all this has been a pretty damn good wednesday. Now im just waiting for my records to make an appearance this week

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I am now mobile. Expect inane ramblings more often.

That is all.

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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Take Heed

I'm going to start a "What I'm....." portion of this here blog... So here goes.

What I'm Listening To
America - Horse with No Name
Journey - Don't Stop Believing
Lostprophets - The Betrayed

What I'm Reading
Kick-Ass (Comic)
The Road
Y: The Last Man (Comic)

What I'm Watching
30 Rock
Being Human

What I'm Looking At
Brandon Graham

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Must go to more Gigs!

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ~Berthold Auerbach

I was watching the music video to Resistance by Muse, and the whole place was jumping, literally jumping. It just looked like an amazing show to be at. And that struck me. I'm 25 and have only ever been to two gigs. The Moody Blues at the Royal Albert Hall when i was like 14, and Avril Lavigne at Wembley Arena.. very conflicting shows i know.

I've been to festivals since 2002, in various countries. Just never got around to going to a gig. Which is shameful i know. Well i've seen bands in small venues playing a handful of songs, but no massive tour. So i shall be venturing out to gigs more frequently as i feel thats my duty. Though just need start searching out which bands are touring and what to see.

I'll hopefully be going to festivals this year anyway, more on this later, but i feel intimate gigs are better, and more special. Dedication to the cause. I want to leave with my clothes covered in sweat, beer and god knows what else. I want my ears to ring slightly more than they already do.

For now i will settle with BBC Introducing at the Oakford in Reading on Wednesdays. Its new music and its Live music. So its something to fill the gap while i source out gigs.

Edge of Darkness

Here we go again.
Edge of Darkness stars Mel Gibson as a bereived dad trying to find out what happened to cause his daughter to get killed. Now i'm not a massive fan of Mel Gibson. I liked Lethal Weapon and What Women Want was a good chick flick. I massivly enjoyed both Payback and Ransom which i hold as some of the best films i have seen. And from the trailer this film looked just like it. "Rejoice" i hear you say.

The start is a little long, then some action, then some pondering and Mel Gibson looking old yet good for his age.

Eventually the action picks up, and with a few mumblings from Ray Winston the larger picture is formed, Mel Gibson gets even more pissed off. And more bad guys die. It's enjoyable and its the first film to make me physically jump in a cinema since.... well i don't think a film has ever made me jump. So kudos for that.

I'd give it a 6/10 only because the ending was all nicey nicey.