Friday, 23 May 2008

Suffering Succotash!

The ACME catalog lists an extensive A-Z of ACME related products. Showing a screen cap and related info on where it was seen, when and a nice little tag for each product, the above being:

ACME Earthquake Pills are guaranteed to create huge tremors anywhere,(except when used on road runners)

Great fun and suprisingly informative.

Click the pic for the link

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Thursday, 15 May 2008


I fucking loved Pogs. I really did. I mean ok they're just small circular pieces of cardboard, with pretty patterns and colours (occasionally something shiny is printed on it) but there is something about the damn things.

I remember the first few series were of Pogman and his adventures or something. But with most collectable items from the 90s, there were knock offs and spin offs.

From what i remember (from what i have in front of me) there were Batman/Power Rangers/Sonic/Premier League and the normal Chinese knockoffs.

From the normal Pogs, and their parental Kinis (used to slam down on the stack), there was also Tazos, the stackable yet connectable little game. I remember the Looney Tunes ones mainly. These were slightly better than Pogs, because no one knew of the Pogman and his crazy antics, whereas we all know and love Bugs, Daffy et al.

I also had a milkcap maker, with which i made Pogs out of Beano comics or playing cards or anything i could, it was a neat idea but came too late into Pogmania.

Check Milkcapmania for a rather extensive list of Pogs and i think Tazos too.

I'm off for a game, anyone want to play for keeps?