Monday, 5 December 2011

Advent: Dec 4th

I woke up midday without a hangover which was surprising, just very tired. Sundays like that are write offs in my book and that was exactly what it was. Started it off playing COD with my friend, which went on for a few hours until the game froze and i lost all my saved games, slightly annoyed so we had a break. Spent most of the day writing the previous two days worth of Advent posts and just milled about really. My brother got himself a 42" TV to go with his new PS3 purchase and woke me up while he was carrying it upstairs. 
Watched Golden Compass with my dad which he liked but that might have been the couple glasses of wine he had. I mean its a good film but its not great, and has some shit parts. Oh well.

Most of the evening was spent playing COD or watching films, i forget which ones but thankfully South Park is repeated at night on Comedy Central. I might download South Park and watch it from the beginning again, some of the episodes are fantastic.

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