Thursday, 8 December 2011

Advent: Dec 7th

December 7th. What a day. Historically of course, for me it was another day of nothing. Woke up to a cooked breakfast and did some work in the garden for my mum. Started playing Call of Duty again for about an hour then watched the first episode of long forgotten TV show First Wave. Its pretty much aliens invading but Nostradamus saw this happening.... yeah sound shit, surprisingly isn't. So ill barrel through that eventually. Erm watched Our Idiot Brother, which was fantastic. Amazing cast, well written and easily in the top 5 films of the year for me, so i suggest you watch it!
I noticed today my pile of books to read has gotten out of hand. Theres 12 Terry Pratchett books, Gormenghast Trilogy, Mr Nice, Game of Thrones, HP Lovecraft collection, Lemony Snickets - book 2, The Secret War, Stephen Frys autobiography. I know there are more hiding somewhere in the house. I'll get round to reading them eventually, just takes time i suppose.

I just spent the day reading, talking to people and watching TV. South Park is aired at night on Comedy Central, always fun and never old.

DJ Yoda is playing Sub89 in town on Friday so hopefully i can get tickets for me and my friends to go. Haven't seen him since he played a venue called Po Na Na in Reading years ago. So will be good, considering i missed Ash last week. So here's hoping.

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