Friday, 9 December 2011

Advent: Dec 8th

BOOTIE, only one (maybe two) people i know will get why i just said that and if i don't get a text within a day then i know he doesn't read my blog.
I didn't have work till 5pm so i woke up around 11 as usual after a really cool dream about Vampires who had a joke/party store but it was sort of a cult too. They were scared of water and there was a showdown by the river and i escaped over a small bridge, started throwing things in the water to splash on them. One of them then rowed out and managed to control the water into draining. I ran and then the girl i loved came after me and was crying and i couldn't attack her, because of love and shit. Then i woke up.

Anyway i played Call of Duty for about 40mins, won some matches as you do, then i cycled off into town to get my head shaved and drop off a film to be developed from my TLR camera when i went and took long exposures of traffic last week. With the SLR its easy to see it come out right or wrong but with film, who fucking knows?

But after the haircut i went to work, had 2 people in to drive then a GP to run with some nice people, even got  a tip after the event too. Thankfully after i left the pissing rain and howling wind had stopped so the cycle home wasn't too bad. Once back bottle of red was opened, crap TV watched but settled on a film which is brilliant. Its called Dragon Hunters and the film is pretty basic about a girl who meets wannabe Dragon Hunters who become the heroes be the soundtrack is amazing. A track of which i will leave you with tonight.

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