Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Edge of Darkness

Here we go again.
Edge of Darkness stars Mel Gibson as a bereived dad trying to find out what happened to cause his daughter to get killed. Now i'm not a massive fan of Mel Gibson. I liked Lethal Weapon and What Women Want was a good chick flick. I massivly enjoyed both Payback and Ransom which i hold as some of the best films i have seen. And from the trailer this film looked just like it. "Rejoice" i hear you say.

The start is a little long, then some action, then some pondering and Mel Gibson looking old yet good for his age.

Eventually the action picks up, and with a few mumblings from Ray Winston the larger picture is formed, Mel Gibson gets even more pissed off. And more bad guys die. It's enjoyable and its the first film to make me physically jump in a cinema since.... well i don't think a film has ever made me jump. So kudos for that.

I'd give it a 6/10 only because the ending was all nicey nicey.

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