Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Book of Eli: Review

Now this will be a new avenue for me. In my sober daze i have found myself on i have coherent thoughts, which put towards a film, culminate in a review.

Just got back from Book of Eli which i saw with a friend, and well here goes...

A couple of friends have seen it and said things like "Well i wouldn't really pay to see that" or "utterly pointless".. Anyway. From the very beginning it is what you would imagine a post-apocalyptic dystopia to be. Raiders, bleached sky, no water and more importantly no hope. Denzel Washington, as with most roles, brings his A game. Putting everything into Eli. A man on a mission, even if your unsure of what his mission is. Walking the wasteland with his book on his back unleashing justice, of sorts, on those who come into his way.

Fight scenes were quick and decent to watch "You put your hand on me again and your not getting it back" was brilliant. The other characters just set the story really. From Gary Oldmans 'Carnegie' and Mila Klunis 'Solara'. Two of the best characters are the old couple, with the brilliant Micheal Gambon.

The whole undertone surrounding Eli's book is religion. Which as stated in the film is how people understood the war to have started, and as a result went around burning all the books. Leaving Eli with his only copy and his quest to take this to the West coast of the USA. There is a twist to the story, and its a good one but will leave you with a 'WTF' moment or two as you replay parts of the movie over in your head trying to get around what you've just learnt, and how it could come to be that Eli is and does what he does, but its all a matter of faith ;)

Really good film with a superb soundtrack which works well with the post-apocalyptic world in which it's set in.

I'd give it a 7/10. Only because i was thinking 'Fallout, this is kind of like a Fallout film'... shame.

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