Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Best Wednesday Ever

Firstly this gem of a camera came this morning while at work. A Fuji Instax Mini 7, which takes and produces credit card sized instant pictures. It has different settings for indoors or outdoors etc and takes 10 pictures at a time.

Secondly. I receied this too.

This my friends is two pairs of Sega Lock-On laser tag games. Now this was a game I remember playing in the streets as a kid. Running about shooting each other, ducking inbetween parked cars for cover etc.
You can choose to be on Team A or B, so teams are endless essentially, and you each have a gun and headset. There are sensors on both which is where you can get shot.
You also have a drop down LCD type display which ticks down your lives so you can keep track.
On the gun you get a Super Shot style button whih when pressed fires three consecutive shots (or one big shot that knocks more lives off) can't remember which

All in all this has been a pretty damn good wednesday. Now im just waiting for my records to make an appearance this week

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