Friday, 7 December 2012

Advent: Dec 1st

It's that time of the year again. It's dark, wet, windy, moody, cold, wet, cold and it's also Advent time. I don't really do advent calenders so this is my advent thing. Every year i try to write every day and every year i fail and get behind or forget. Last year i was 1 day behind at the start and this year i am 7 days behind already.
As like before the pictures are from Google and i search for "December First" and so on and take a picture from the first page.

So Dec 1st came and went. As days usually do. I was recovering from the night before and work was a struggle. Thankfully it came and went quickly and i was off home getting ready to go out and see some friends and go out. Well i thought we were going out, we instead watched TV and had a couple of drinks. We did end up going to a gig at the Turks to see a band that played covers, they were pretty good. Afterwards i went to Mix to see my friend Dave and had a few drinks. They do THE BEST beer called Kozel, its amazing. Then we went to Sahara for a few drinks and that was the first day of December over and done with. Stood around chatting before having a very cold cycle home.

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