Thursday, 5 January 2012

I hate you

You are a fucking venomous, bile spewing culture. And by you i mean we. We are a fucking venomous, bile spewing culture. We hate each other. All the congratulatory messages and well being you give each other means shit. You hate that person. For whatever reason, be it they are getting married and your single, they are having a baby and your single, they drive a nice car and your poor, they own a nice house and your poor. Their wife is better looking than yours and their boyfriend has a bigger dick than yours. That person you are, that isn't you.

You hate politics but decide to speak up only when others do. You hate racism but will gladly sit there and enjoy a joke that  belittles anothers culture, way of life or religion. You have no self worth. You live your life the way others say it should be lived. You have no self control. The people you put in power you hate, yet abide by what they make law. You only stand up when others have, you have no voice. If you don't like something, change it. Don't sit idly by and watch your world collapse because you couldn't be arsed. Fuck, i am you. You are i. We don't care and we will die. We all die. You will die. I will die.

The Earth has been raped and pillaged. Society has been raped and pillaged. You sit drinking your french water in little plastic bottles while people go without water. You pay obscene amounts to footballers, actors and celebrities for what reason, to watch them fail. You love watching someones life falling apart before your eyes. You love watching people tear their families and way of life apart in front of a studio audience. You slow down at the scene of an accident because your morbid curiosity makes you want to see carnage and death. You feed on the hate that is thrown at you and stuffed into your face via the 'news'. Its not news. Its hate mongering. Of all the things that are deemed newsworthy what really is newsworthy. What do YOU want to know about the world? The injustice in the world, the suffering, the illegal wars, the torture, the biological and manufactured terrorism. Is that how you want to live your life or bring up your children. In a world of hate? You make me sick.

I hope that the human race gets eradicated as all those fucking nut jobs and cunts say, what use do we have? We don't progress, we are stagnant. We haven't moved forward and will not. We are content. We are content with our little gadgets, our shiny belongings, our one-upmanship. We hate to see the suffering but won't part with money or aid because what hope do you have of changing anything? This is the future that people saw great promise and what future is this? Poverty is still widespread, even in the supposed 'first world' cultures. There is disease amongst the poorest of people that can be prevented by the simplest of vaccines. But we need poor people don't we. We need people to suffer so we can take the moral high ground and say 'We helped them' by donating a few fucking pounds a month or gave away some of your clothes.

I fucking give up. I hate you. You hate me. We hate each other, that's the way we live our lives and that's how we will die. In hate. Not in love but in hate. You bile spewing venomous person.

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Lee said...

I don't hate you. What is you hate about me? It's that my side burns are uneven isn't it?