Sunday, 9 December 2012

Advent: Dec 5th

Today was a short day at work, 2 hours (I know, why even bother opening) so on the way home i had the idea of grabbing another bottle of rum to drink later on tonight as I'm a little on the poor side already this month. Get home,  then get 'persuaded' to go into town. So at least i don't have to spend too much money as theres a bottle of rum for pre drinking.

A slightly tipsy cycle to town and a few drinks in Pavs with some people from work and then it just got progressively drunker. From Pavs we went to Deja Vu, DJs, Monroes for some table football. Quite a few drunken games of table football later and many a shot later we tumbled into Turtle. The night then just gets hazy but we had a lot of drinks and a lot of laughs. Once again a quite night ends up getting in at 4am. 
My cycle home was a bit iffy. It's one of the only times i have had to get off my bike and walk, if i hadn't that would have been accident numero 2.

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