Monday, 10 December 2012

Advent: Dec 8th

Today did not start well. At all. I woke up wondering why it was so bright at 7:45am and looking at my phone realised it was 9:45am. I was meant to be at work at 9. So not off to a great start. My phone had also cut any signal so all the phone calls and texts that i was sent all came through at once. Luckily someone was at the track to open up. No time for a shower so Lynx it was. A hurried and hungover cycle to work, with a stop for a McDonalds breakfast wrap, and i was at work by 10:25. So not overly late.

Luckily i was on reception but there was a ton of cleaning from the conference the day before. This was not a good day and i turned down several attempts at getting me out again and unfortunately missing a meal to go home and eventually pass out at 5pm. Waking at 8 to cook myself a rather awesome dinner if i may say so myself.
I had an odd nights sleep awaking to some strange noises that ended at 4am, they were as if someone was hitting metal with wood, or the other way round, and in intervals of about 10 seconds. Freaked me the fuck out. Though technically this should be on Dec 9ths Advent but at the moment I'm playing catch up.

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