Sunday, 3 January 2010

Twenty Ten

We've had a tumultous year in 2009. The entire world has been effected by the economic downturn and a great flu pandemic.
We've seen amazing strides in acceptance in the political world from the United States but unfortunatly we have all suffered
great losses in the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

As we enter 2010, one cannot but wonder if this is the world that the invisionaries of the past imagined. There are no robot
servants, no flying cars and no monoliths. We enter a new age, a new decade in fact, still reeling from our past decisions.
We remember what has been done in the past and yet we seem doomed to repeat those actions. We look in the face of terror and
say no more. Yet we look in the face of global warming and shrug our shoulders. We should hold both manufactured and biological
terrorism in the same vein. Why should the immediate danger overshadow the forthcoming danger? Maybe it wont effect ourselves
but in the long run its our children and childrens children that will face the brunt of the impeding disaster. We embrace technology
as our saviour, yet it will most probably be our downfall in the years to come. We must rely on each other more so than the circutboards
made by technicians and scientists.

Take back our lives. 2010 is the year of self worth.

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