Friday, 22 January 2010

BBC Introducing Sobriety

So my first outing into Readings nightlife was to the Oakford to see I Blame Coco and 30 Watt Bayonets. I was a little bit apprehensive as I'm not drinking but i went along as my thirst for new music is far greater than the need for alcohol. I Blame Coco were excellent. A nice breath of fresh air, very polished and sounded awesome. A nice and husky voice coupled with a brilliant band it screams for you to listen to her. A slight twinge of Sting in her voice (Understandable considering that's her father), especially on some of the long notes, and well on the most part of Ceaser. Definitely a band i need to keep an eye on as they were amazing.

The next band was 30 Watt Bayonets which, frankly scared me, but in a good way. From the get go the lead singer was banging the drum with fury, and spent most of the gig in the crowd. I'm a big fan of crowd participation but i hid. Shameful i know but there were alot of scared faces in the crowd. But that's what made it a good gig. Not afraid to be different, challenging the preconception that artists should stay on the stage. Was really good to see and sounded great.

So i think I'm going to make the Oakford a regular occurrence as i need new music in my life, and with the two bands I've seen I'm thoroughly looking forward to the upcoming nights.

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