Monday, 8 March 2010

Wednesday Ususal

So Wednesdays are sort of becoming New Music Wednesdays, thanks to BBC Introducing and the Oakford in Reading. This time we went and saw two bands of varying quality. First up was The Joe Public who were amazing. I was sat a little too close to the drummer for my ears liking but it was worth it. Shades of Rage, Incubus and Queens of the Stone Age. It was that good that after they finished both myself and the four other people that i was with, all went up and bought their EP, a thing i havent done for years. So i thoroughly reccomend giving them a listen or if you can, check them out at one of their gigs.

Second band was The Good Natured. They look different and they sound pretty good. They had 'Jedward' style hair going on and Micheal Stipe face paint, but thats beside the point. The lead singer was seriously cute and she sounded amazing. I probably need to listen to their music again, to get abit more into it, but what i heard was pretty good.

So far BBC Introducing has had a good effect with me. Its beginning to become a good night out with friends and some amazing music. Looking forward to this weeks offerings and my friend is even playing there on the 17th March, 13D

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