Thursday, 28 November 2013

Woah, it has been nearly a year since i bothered to put pen to paper finger to keyboard and i don't know where to start with this year. Do i bother with a recap of which is just drunken highlights, much akin to something on Harry Hills TV Burp or You've Been Framed.

So little has happened, and even less that has been 'blog' worthy. Many drunken nights out, many drug fuelled nights out (Well less than should have been). Lets see, i have forgone my need for tattoos by stretching my ears, I've moved out with some of my friends, i have started work with a company that does Certification Tests with the Xbox one but ultimately I'm in the same place i was last year. Different job, different people, same woes.

Stand out this year, well my friends Roy and Steve got married (Not to each other, they had separate weddings), heart was broken, went camping, fell off my bike again (this time with CCTV footage). Met some amazing people, lost some amazing people (Not through dying, i just don't speak to them much anymore, or i just don't speak to them) i think that's about it? Not an exciting year, i mean there have been days/nights that have been stand out but i don't remember them either through drink/drugs/old age.

It is getting closer to my Advent season so i think i might try and keep up with that for the month but being that i can't really talk about what i do at work means it's going to be less interesting than a Dr Who special hosted by Zoe Ball on BBC Three.

This weekend will probably herald the return of my Tales of Drunkard series of posts and i might continue up the posts of random drunken nights out, but they seem to be less drunken and more well drunken but with people i know rather than the random people of Reading. So I'm not sure if that counts anymore.

I'm guessing that's it. Not that there is anything left to tell you, like i said nothing much has happened this year.
I better get ready for Advent! Shit why did i start writing again now.

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