Monday, 8 June 2009

Hey that's.....

I'm beginning to hate TV. Well American TV shows to be exact. Especially ones like CSI, Numbers, Criminal Minds etc. And there's one reason to this.

I watch too much TV.

Yup I do, its like being in AA but theres no one else here, and if i do stand up and say "hi, i have a problem" I'll look a little crazy, even by my cats standards. But its not just that i watch too much TV, its that i have a good memory for faces.

So your sat there watching your new episode of something or other and you recognise someone in the first 10Min's that isn't in the regular cast, so chances are they have something to do with the plot line, and in more cases they are usually the killer.

Its annoying that any show i watch i can see who the episode is about just from the first 15Min's or so. Is it my fault that i watch too much TV, or let me put that better, the fact shows are predictable.

It follows the old rule of horror films. If a character says "I'll be right back', 'I'm just going to the cellar', 'candy man candy man candy man' then chances are they will die shortly after.

But if films don't follow these cheesy and utterly crap rules, and TV shows dont have guest stars who are always part of the main plot, then would people still watch them?

Some of the great and exciting new shows always get cancelled way too early, mainly because they are different and the mass market don't like different. They like the easy to follow plotlines like House. Someone is ill, House nearly kills the person in order to diagnose the person with some highly obtuse and rare disorder, then cures them with a banana and a hammer. Much like MacGuyver, but with a stethoscope.

Though don't get me wrong i like House.

Er my point is that i'm tired of predictable TV, i want something different, and in order for me to satisfy my selfish needs for good TV, i need YOU to start giving TV shows a little slack. You wont get a hit TV show on your screens if you don't give it a few shows to impress you, wait till episode 6 or even 5 and then say if you dont like it. Pilots are good, but they cant give you as much depth as a few episodes.

Please. I don't like talking to my cat all night.

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